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Welcome To My Healing Sanctuary

Warmest Greetings ~ 
You may find yourself asking, what is a Sacred Vessel? My holistic healing work is centered around that very question. As I see it, a Sacred Vessel is the home in which each soul resides for its physical lifetime. And it is sacred. The gift of life is miraculous, and a healthy mind is the perfect manager for the sacred vessel. But even deeper than that, there is a Divine program running this whole show. A universal energy, called consciousness. We have been intricately designed, on purpose, with not one single mistake by our Creator, the great mastermind of this Universe and beyond. I am fascinated by every thread of our existence, and I believe that there is nothing that cannot be healed with the correct components - for example, Reiki energy healing, spiritual guidance, natural therapies, positive mindset and intention, and pure belief that everything is possible with trust & faith in the miracle of life. By addressing the whole person, or animal, we can achieve whole body healing.I am honored that you are here. Please let me know how I may be of assistance to you on your sacred journey. Honor the vessel that you are, be kind to yourself and others, and if you find yourself at a spiritual crossroads, remember that I am just a message away!

Namaste' ~ Reverend Paula ∞ 

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