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"Through the power of your choices, may you come to understand that it is not necessary to define yourself by your wounds."

~Paula K.
Energy Healer, Metaphysical Teacher, Psychic Medium

Welcome, I Appreciate Your Visit

As a leader in the field of spiritual growth & transformation since 1999,  my fondest wish is to teach you how you can find health, fulfillment, and a deeper connection with the Divine in every moment of your life. I've created unique divination & healing oracles, so that you may explore your intuitive curiosities. I offer Archangel candles for meditation and prayer work, oils and sprays for your aura & energy body, crystals for Reiki and energy work, and additionally, I offer psychic consultations and spiritual mentoring/coaching to help you gain clarity and pick up the line when your soul comes calling! I hope you will find something that lights up your life here in my shop...but if there is something you're seeking and you do not see it here, please drop me a line...I may be able to locate it for you. I cannot stress enough how important it is to live in authenticity, without judgement & regret. Let your history simply be a stepping stone to making the jump from the mundane to the magickal. Do not look to the past to plan the future, you are no longer in that place for a reason. Embrace the beating of your heart and the warmth of the sun, for this day will never come again, but never forget that an even better one will follow in its footsteps.

Have fun here, and know that you are Divine, Loved, and Divinely Loved



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Powerful Ancient Energies!

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