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Welcome To My Sanctuary

What exactly is a Sacred Vessel?

My holistic healing work is centered around that very question. A Sacred Vessel is the sacred physical body, the home of the soul for its physical lifetime. The gift of life is miraculous and a healthy mind is the perfect director for the sacred vessel. But even deeper than that, there is a Divine program running this whole existence we call life. A universal energy known as pure consciousness. We have been beautifully, deliberately designed by a Creator. This being is so much more than we can ever fathom, and we are loved so very much.
I am fascinated by every thread of life, and I believe that all things can be healed with the correct vibration of energy. In my mind, that energy includes Reiki, spiritual guidance, natural therapies, positive mindset and intention, and pure belief that everything is possible with trust & faith in something greater.

By addressing the whole person or animal, we can work toward and achieve whole-body healing.
I am grateful that you are here. Please let me know how I may be of assistance to you on your sacred journey.
Should you find yourself at a spiritual crossroads, I am just a message away!
I offer Spiritual Direction, Psychic Consultations, In Person & Distance Complete Reiki Healing Sessions and Soulful Gifts.
I am accepting new clients on a limited basis, time permitting.

Namaste' ~ Reverend Paula ∞ 

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