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Illumination Spiritual Direction™ with Paula

Let's Answer Those Questions That Keep You Up At Night...

Life is a journey, not a destination; we hear it all of the time. It truly is, and who doesn't want it to be fun and meaningful? Sadly however, for many, it isn't even close to being a fulfilling journey, nor a meaningful one, nor one that makes even just a little sense at all. It can feel like pushing a ton of bricks up a hill, all day every day. Where is the joy, the purpose? You may ask, "why on earth am I here?". Please, keep reading. Especially if you're out of answers and out of energy. If you've found your way to this page, it is no mistake. In my healing sanctuary, you will find the highest level of spiritual guidance that I offer. It encompasses my nearly 30 years of study in the energetic healing arts, metaphysical and spiritual research, and various life/wellness/relationship coaching certifications, as well as 20 years in business as a spiritual healing practitioner/teacher. I am also a natural-born psychic medium.

Illumination Spiritual Direction™  is an offering for those who are ready to truly shift their lives. Is this YOU? Are you done looking down every path, behind every door, being promised that things will get better, and then waking up on yet another cold dreary morning still having no clear purpose in life nor any idea why you're here? Are you seeking more, on a grand scale, a huge change, something to take you not only up to the peak of the mountain but with results that will not allow you to slip backward? If you can say 'yes' to any of these things, I hope you will invite me into your life to help you clear the way toward a new life plan and a new life story.  Please use the contact page to connect with me to find out more about working with me, as well as to ask any questions you may have about how to begin this journey.  I look forward to hearing from you, and I promise, you'll make genuine changes and progress as we work together!


Before you call or email me, please consider jotting down a few things...

1. What are your dreams for this life, and how have you given up on them?
2. What is your belief system? How do you feel this universe is organized?
3. What needs to change, what do you feel powerless to change?
4  Do you feel that you're simply at the mercy of some chaotic universe and you're doomed to fail?
5. What does a new improved YOU look like and feel like? Can you get a visual on her/him?
6. Are you ready to let the current idea of YOU go, and to create a permanently better, more empowered YOU?

The reason I would like you to consider these things is this....

If you're not ready to look deeper at these things, if you're hanging on too tightly to your idea of who you are versus feeling excited about who you can truly become, then these questions will cause you to feel too stuck to bother.  I hope, though, that thinking about them will get your energetic juices flowing and that you'll instinctively feel hopeful and empowered! 

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