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Client Testimonials


Praise For Paula's Work

--I keep coming back to Paula because her intuition is always so on-point. She's a seasoned reader with a huge capacity for empathy. ~ Shanel V., Columbia, Md

--I didn't know what to do about the current state of my life. I had been to therapy, with no progress there. I was seeking someone to motivate and encourage my spiritual growth, and also to assist me in knowing what direction to take in order to start my life over after my divorce. I found Paula through a Google search and thought what do I have to lose? That was just the beginning. She is an amazingly inspiring life coach and spiritual mentor I'm so fortunate to have crossed paths with. She is patient, skilled, compassionate and genuine. I am eternally grateful for her guidance in my life. -- Mariane G., Albany, NY

--I was so lost, I can't begin to even describe the place I was in when I first called Paula for help. She's been coaching me for 11 months and honestly I feel like I have my life and my joy back! ~ Brandy G., Ft Meade, Md

--I had always wanted to try energy work for my pain and the trauma of being a recovering addict, and a friend recommended Paula. I am now a believer, 100%! ~Janice B, Olney, Md

--Paula is incredibly effective in her coaching practice, taking special care to fully embrace my own unique needs and path. She is the best! ~ Keri F., Bowie Md

--Paula saved my life. Yes, you heard me right! She guided me to the epiphany I eventually had about my parents and their ongoing presence with me even after their passing; she kept me from ending my life prematurely by teaching me about the Archangels and our deeper purpose for being here on Earth. ~ Barbara G., Apopka, FL

 Kind review of the 'Loving Messages From The Rainbow Bridge' Deck--

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