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Healing For The Animals

My healing work is dedicated to the cherished memory of my best friend & faithful companion of 13 years, Bayleigh (shown, right).  The metaphysical teachings and healing work that I offer emerge from the place in my heart where the bond that Bayleigh & I shared guides me, still, toward being the absolute best human being I can be. For a small doggy, she had a huge spirit; she taught me so much about selflessness, love and compassion. There is no separation; of that, I am certain. She is missed, but always with me...


What Do They Need?

Our pets respond very well to love. Pure and simple. They live to please us, awaiting our arrival home from our daily adventures, and they listen intently to our deepest fears and darkest secrets.  It is obvious that our pets are now considered loyal members of the family; but we must always remember, they are domesticated wild animals with needs & habits that can differ in many ways from our own.
So, yes, our pets enjoy seeing us happy and being the reason for that joy, which we then turn around and share with them! They have their own unique way of communicating. Despite their inability to speak to us in human language, it is usually easy to see when they are happy and healthy. But when they are not feeling well, picking up on the signs can be difficult, because oftentimes they will hide their pain or weakness so as not to be viewed as vulnerable by the rest of the pack, so to speak. Sometimes we make assumptions that can be detrimental, even dangerous to their well-being, all because we forget that they are not human, as much as we may want to believe that they are because of the strong, loving bond that is shared. If you're anything like me, you want the very best for your animal companion. 

Reiki can help. But it is employed in vastly different manner than when it is used on humans. I am skilled at working with animals, both domestic and wild, offering them energy healing for a multitude of issues. Please visit my Treatments page. And of course, if you have questions, please send me a message or give me a call. 

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Here are a few quotes from clients and friends speaking about how they realized that they had found their perfect animal companion...

*My own story: After being rejected by a few rescues for distance and timing issues, I was downhearted. I knew I was ready, after enduring the tragic loss of my darling Bayleigh a few months prior. But, alas, I put it all on hold so I could gather my courage back up after being told 'no' repeatedly and losing out on doggy after doggy. That's when, while browsing one late night on Petfinder, I came across a local dog that looked like a miniature sheltie, which I really didn't want...but Piper kept calling to me. So, a few days later, we went on a test run in hopes of breaking what seemed like a bad spell of rejection, simply by visiting with a random rescue dog. And you know what? She turned out to be a stunningly beautiful, energetic and very loving Pomeranian. After she jumped into my lap for the first time, I looked at the Best Dawgs Rescue rep and said, 'I already love her!' And the rest is history.

*Sweet Harley, I knew the moment I saw his picture. ~Jessica M.

*I wanted a black cat....and there was Phoebe(multi-colored!) ready for adoption...still going strong at 14 years.  ~Vicki W.

*You know the stories. l saw a beautiful face, and it was over for me! I knew I had to make this little soul part of my family. ~Barbara G.