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How Are You Spending Your Energy Allowance?

Let's imagine that it is tomorrow morning. I'm your spirit guide or guardian angel and I give you, as I do every day, 100 energy dollars to spend throughout the day. Every encounter either costs you a few of those dollars or adds to the 100 you already have. Some events or encounters cost more energy than others. Some are neutral. How will you spend them?
And keep in mind, whatever you spend beyond that 100 will leave you running in the red. What does that mean? That the energy will come out of your reserves, your own energy system. Positive encounters pay you, negative encounters cost you. And oftentimes you'll feel the energy leaving your system, kind of like a vacuum cleaner getting caught on your skin. If there is energy coming in(positive choices, accomplishments, successes, kindnesses, loving connections), you will feel a charge, a boost in your mood and your level of vibration. You know what I'm talking about.
After just one week of overspending, your body begins to seek methods of coping, to ensure bare minimum survival. It will try to acquire more food, more sleep, disconnection from the environment, even to the point of becoming physically ill in order to get what it needs in the way of rest.
IF that does not work, and you still continue to focus on the negative aspects of your life and even from your history, your body will go into crisis mode. With excess adrenaline, a lack of adequate vitamins, minerals, amino acids, a lack of sleep, your body begins to break down at the cellular level. The telomeres* on the ends of each of your chromosomes begin to shorten, essentially shortening your life by days, weeks, months, years. Opportunistic diseases lying dormant in your DNA code now have the ability to take're broken down, stressed out, malnourished, over-medicated, depressed.....and you have inadvertently opened the door of your 'home' and invited criminals in to rob and kill you.
Remember those energy dollars? Perhaps it is time to rethink how you are spending them each and every day. Can you really afford that $40 dollar argument? How about that $20 lie to your partner? Or the $50 attachment to the ex spouse who cheated on you 20 years ago? Hatred costs. Revenge costs. Selfishness costs. Lying and cheating cost. And guess what? You don't get that energy back. It is just GONE.
Your daily energy is precious gold. Guard over how you spend it, where you spend it, and where your mind, body and spirit go as you're spending it. Seek out experiences that fortify you, that heal you, that nurture you, that inspire you. Give from your heart with no expectation of return, smile at those who seem to need it. Extend the olive doesn't matter whose fault anything is! Connect, take down your walls, share your vulnerability. Trust. Share. Love.
Those things will put you in the pink with an over-abundance of energy that will spill out from your every pore. Try it. What do you have to lose? Go to bed each night with a few left over energy dollars that you can squirrel away for the day when someone you love is in dire need. I guarantee you won't be sorry. Your DNA will thank you, and maybe, just maybe, you'll live 20 or 30 years longer than the folks who are still under the impression that they can overspend and still heal their lives with drugs and poisonous vengeful behaviors.
Are you ready to begin your new, improved energy banking system? Good!
If you need help on your new journey, I'm available for coaching, simply inquire. We'll work together to get you in tip top energetic shape.
Blessings & Good Vibes,
*From Wikipedia:
A telomere is a region of repetitive nucleotide sequences at each end of a chromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration or from fusion with neighboring chromosomes. Its name is derived from the Greek nouns telos "end" and merοs "part". 

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