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Mapping A New Normal

Times like this can cause deep stress and worry even to those who are spiritually awake and in a position of spiritual direction as a calling. I have seen my own worry manifest in rather surprising but almost predictable ways. No one is immune in this situation. I'm sure we have all asked, 'Will I survive this if I get it?' Most of the time we're not asking if we'll survive something. We're asking how to change, fix, accept, weather a situation.
But with this pandemic there is a taking of inventory, unless you're completely disconnected and going about your merry day. There are needs that pop up that are perhaps new, or have maybe pushed down/buried to be dealt with at a later time...
For myself, I've stayed mostly on top of things, not because I have to, but because I've come to a place of peace, knowing and fearlessness about life/death/creator. Trust in SOMETHING, SOMEONE is vital at a time like this, because the enemy is unseen, invisible.
One of my own spiritual directors is currently teaching a course on one world synchronicity, directly related to this Coronavirus. He is not approaching it in a physical sense, he is addressing it on the level of, 'what is this here to teach us?' It is a LONG 3 part lecture. I see it in this way as well...
Now we are being forced to view this planet as one world. It always has been, but in the past we were able to wall off to a certain degree and remain 'safe', even if only in a perceived way. Ask yourselves: How have we been living in a way that is NOT unified, connected, interwoven, cooperative? Closer to home, how have YOU not been living in this way either.
This pandemic is offering us a grand opportunity to step the human race up a notch.Will we take it? Will we work together? You know, there is never really a 'going back to the old normal'. Impossible. We are required to take the broken pieces and rather than trying to glue them back together again(i.e. head back in the sand syndrome), we are asked to build something new and stronger with those pieces. Do what you can with the tools you've brought to the table.
If we don't tear down and rebuild those things that are so wrong within ourselves----you know what they are----we will never succeed in bringing those new skills into the world on a grander scale.
This is TRUTH. We can no longer live as though we aren't part of everything. We can no longer live like our words, actions, decisions don't have outreaching consequences.
But the lovely thing is, the good stuff has consequences too. Acceptance, tolerance, unity, respect, honor, hope....and so much more. This planet is getting smaller. Everything is instant access. This has brought us to each others' doors in a matter of seconds. No longer can we talk about 'those people over there'. They are US. Let that sink in. We are them, they are us. It is glaringly obvious when there is an invisible enemy among us. Somehow through this obvious connection, we are all touched by it.
Why not begin today. Stop thinking you can get through this by ignoring it or turning a blind eye. We broke it together, and the only way we can rebuild it, the ONLY way it will be solved, is by fixing it TOGETHER.
With Beautiful, Healing Love & Energy,
Rev. Paula

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