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Winter Solstice Yuletide

 Winter Solstice / Yule is always a strong reminder for me of the soul's true origins. Last night I was meditating and had a surprising vision that I was made of a ball of silver and gold illuminated threads, and I was shown that every one of us is also made of these threads. Silver is the color of the sacred feminine. Gold is the color of the sacred masculine. Silver is looking inward. Gold is shining outward. An equal balance. These stunning threads, appearing like strands of DNA, shone like the sun against a background of darkness & silvery stars, which looked like tiny campfires in the sky.

At times souls are woven together by these threads. Sometimes these threads appear frayed as we break away to heal ourselves. And at all times these threads are connected to the Divine through the heart. In my vision, I also saw the beginnings of our souls, being crafted by two large hands, which I knew to be our Creator, making new souls. I was fascinated. I could feel my own soul moving closer to have a better look, and as I did, these hands wrapped around me! The safety, the acceptance, and the sense of a permanent home filled me, and I was sure I was glowing.

Next, I heard a voice, and it said:

"Go now child and weave. Live, die, be reborn, shift and re-shape, love, and then love even more. This is a universe of creation, but to make this happen, we must be creators and also, the physical result of our efforts.
Allow yourselves to be both!"

The hands then gently released me, but it felt okay. We shared what felt like a knowing, familiar smile.
What a wonderful meditation this was! Perhaps this is the way we are truly made? My observation of this time of year is that all life is drawing inward,  releasing the past in order to make room for new energy. So, in Spring, we emerge refreshed, and stronger, ready to weave an even more beautiful universe into being. We are not 'managed by' the Divine, we are co-creating with Him/Her, and all other souls, as well!
So, as we walk out into the chilly darkness at this Winter-time, we must remember that the threads we are made of are connected to everything, everyone and the Divine. We can never not exist, but we will change form billions of times, and our silver & gold threads shall remain ever-connected to the substance of the soul of the Divine, and the universe...and maybe even beyond!

May you all be blessed at this Yuletide, in 2023, and always!

Reverend Paula♥

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