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The Theft of Innocence


Children are freshly-minted human beings. They are innocent, filled with wonder, and are infinitely impressionable. They are this planet's future in a wide-eyed, precious package. So why is the system deliberately decimating their innocence?

Every adult was once a child. During the first 10 or so years of life, each person's unique child archetype forms. Whether it is the orphaned child, the magical child, the wounded child, the eternal child, or any other, this is the beginning of our evolution in this life; the foundation we build the next 80 or so years upon. As our child archetype gains its footing, our other three primary archetypes begin to take shape. They are the victim, the saboteur and the prostitute. These will express in different ways, depending on the child archetype that dominates. The version of the child archetype we possess determines which additional archetypes come on board in adulthood. A good example of this would be the magical child, which can awaken the artist, the muse, the scribe, the clown, and so on. And the wounded child can give rise to the martyr, the bully, the damsel, and countless others. It goes on...

No matter how one looks at it, childhood is vital to the formation of the adult, and it should not be corrupted, manipulated, dismissed, stolen. But this is happening, in our world today, and the 'system' is increasingly violating the innocence of the child, forcing information upon our children that their little minds are not equipped to handle.

I simply don't believe that anyone should be permitted to introduce sexuality into the mind of a child at random. As we know from past experience, childhood sexual abuse is considered criminal. We put adults in jail for having sex with minors....but now the system thinks it is acceptable to introduce gender identity choices (i.e SEXUALITY, no matter how you word it!) to a six year old? I am outraged!

We need to take a huge step back for a moment. These children will be so messed up from this sexual abuse by the time they are adults that we will no longer have a civilized society. It will be no better than a day at the zoo!  All of the innocence and joy of childhood will vanish, giving rise to a society of exploited, exploitative, sexually confused, damaged human beings. There will be no well-adjusted adults to lead this world. Having sex forced upon an innocent mind will create the most chaotic darkness in that mind that one can possibly imagine. And we won't grasp the reality of it until it is too late. 

I believe that the life stages are meant to be just that. STAGES. I have nothing against adults choosing gender reassignment, or any other sexual preference they wish to live by or as. My issue is with the fact that school is for learning skills with which to make a living, a home and whatever else one chooses, in adulthood. 

How can we stop this before it gets a foothold? Protect the children, celebrate their creativity, their wonder, their joy. Yes, answer their questions, but do not encourage sexual exploration until the hormones of puberty begin to emerge. Puberty arrives when it does for a reason, not at the tender age of five. Give children a safe place in which to develop gently, exploring all that Mother Earth has to offer, so that when they do reach adulthood, they can make wise choices for themselves. And at that point, should they choose to identify as another sex, they will know themselves well enough to have a good strong grasp on what they are doing. At least we hope they will, anyway. 

I am actually having a very hard time with why this is an issue AT ALL. Are we that bored with life and all its challenges, that we have to dream up ways to make things even more difficult for children? It should be a no-brainer. Adults make adult choices, and sexuality is FOR ADULTS. If I had a child at this point in time, I would either put that child in private school or I would home school. I would probably move my family to the prairies of Montana, too. No one would ever get the opportunity to tell me how to raise my child. I would take a bullet before submitting to the system on this one. All parents should feel this way. 

So Be It.


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  • You have just expressed everything I’ve been thinking lately that has my blood pressure up through the ceiling! I know I am not alone but it helps to actually see someone put it into words. Thank you Paula ♥
    Reverend Sondra G, St Louis

    Sondra G

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