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The Art of Manipulation...Or, Do You Know Your Own Mind?

Heavy duty stuff here folks. So, how much of your mind is really your own? Consider this. A nice person pays to send you to Finland to live in a lovely cabin house for a year. Alone. No TV. No Facebook. No Media. You must make your own entertainment. You can bring books of any kind, and there is a library in the main house. And a kitchen stocked with everything. But you must create and cook it. You cannot bring make-up. You cannot bring your cell phone. No video games. No computers or tablets. And the guarantee by the end of a year's time is that you will emerge with a new mind, a mind that is 100 % yours, and is not owned by anyone or anything else on the planet. Stress gone. Hate gone. Jealousy gone. In-authenticity gone. Politics gone. Struggle & battle, gone. Compulsive, addictive behavior gone. And maybe even disease and illness gone. Just you and your revamped mind----calm, well-rested, centered, in need of nothing, no-one. Sovereign, pure peace.
Who would you BE? Not 'what would you DO?'! WHO would you BE?
We will never truly realize just how much we are being manipulated by the world. Some of it is allowed because we seek to fit in, to be normal, to be 'as good as' others. To be social and assimilate. But...Some of it is pack mentality. Do you even know if half of what you believe is actually true? What if if ISN'T? What if that shining star you follow is just light leaking through a hole in a faulty facade? How let down you would be!
I took a Mass Media course in college. I learned about how the media counts on our gullibility, our need to fit in and follow the crowd; it plays on our vulnerability, our weaknesses, not our strengths. This is how Nazi Germany sneakily happened. We look back today and say, OH, how could that have ever happened? The subtle propaganda worked little by little on the minds of the most vulnerable in that society. At the same time people were promised 'a better, purer future', they were also being manipulated into believing that as soon as the Jews were eliminated, the country would be more prosperous. A sick man used the media platform to thread his sickness into society bit by bit. The people did not know that they had the power to say, 'NO!'
And that sort of manipulation is happening to you right now, in today's world. It is happening as you buy into any mass idea that promises you security, safety, acceptance; all while finger pointing at 'the other side, the WRONG side'.
We must be very careful, because we are teetering on the head of a pin at this very moment. At no time in the past has this planet been so capable of doing itself in while a the same time possessing the greatest amount of technological power we've ever had, capable of catapulting us into a new, galactic community!
How to do it better?? Assess every single bit of information that comes into your might be the constant posting of a facebook friend who always 'seems' so rich and happy (who is actually is in a mountain of debt with a million addictions---but they never post THAT), or it might be your local media, baiting you non-stop with urgent breaking news about how many of your neighbors 'most likely'(not factual!) own weapons. You begin to feel inadequate, bored, scared, paranoid, poor, angry, not good enough......all from one episode of the news!
I'm not saying you should stop participating in life, but for heaven's sake, BE PICKY about what enters your eyes, your ears, your energy field! Your life is your own. When you came down the birth canal it was decided by your Higher Power that you have every right to be here and to be the master of your own life! Why are you sitting there on the sofa eating crap fast food that looked good on tv but has had addictive chemicals added to it to make you crave it. Watching a news program that is nothing but alarming propaganda at best...I could go on, but I won't. My point here is don't be sheep! Question everything that you're being urged to believe or buy. And ask yourself, what part of your person needs that thing, or needs to be accepted by those people? Do you want that item because it will genuinely improve your life? Are you following that system or path because YOU like the information it imparts, or because your best friend or the guy at work said its the best?
I would think that if you have been given a most amazing computer to program and use to your heart's content, you'd want to have full control over it. That computer, folks, is the human mind. It is God's greatest creation. You only get one. Guard over it and feed it the very best energy that you can find on the planet.
That is what is meant by being 'Awake'.
Rev. Paula

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  • I’m sharing this. A brilliant insightful thought provoking expose of how the masses have been manipulated by our deceitful press and other outside forces.

    Nancy W. Murasso

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