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Just the mention of Covid-19 sends chills down one's spine. I believe the media always finds something 'sensational' to report about, even at the expense of the general public's sanity. But let's relax a moment. No, I'm not saying there is nothing to worry about. But honestly there is always something to worry about if we look around---this year's flu, natural disasters, the stock market, our children, our endless list. But worrying doesn't help. In fact, it is draining and it does indeed lower immunity.

But what I want to talk to you about is your immune system, and not just your physical immune system. As you may know, if you're here at my website, our physical body is not separate from our mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. And most people not only aren't aware that we have what is known as a meta-systemic immune system. Meta-systemic is defined as any system considered as a grouping of other smaller systems. Essentially, we are a complete eco-system unto ourselves, and we are multi-level, multi-faceted creatures. So, how to ramp up our holistic immune systems to better fend off or (if we do happen to get infected) recover from Coronavirus or any other virus, for that matter? I have some tips & suggestions. No, I'm not a medical doctor, but I do know, from my own holistic studies experience, what is healthful and what is not. Disclaimer: Before you ingest any of the herbs or vitamins I'm going to mention in the physical immunity section, please ask your doctor if these things are safe for you to mix with any medications or will conflict with any conditions you may already have going on, okay? Good. So, let's begin. 

Physical Immunity

Boosting Physical Immunity:

- 7 or 8 hours of peaceful, undisturbed sleep every night. The body does all of its replenishing, cleansing, recovering from stress during sleep. This is why the body completely shuts down and the body temperature drops. Your hormones rebalance, your muscles recover, your immune system repairs itself. So very much healing goes on during sleep, more than you would ever believe.

- Fresh air & some exercise. Do not hide in the house. Indoor air is recycled through the heat/ac system, and there is very little oxygen in it. The body needs oxygen in order to build healthy red blood cells and exercise is necessary to build stamina and strength (just a brisk walk boosts immunity, check out the facts here: )
Getting outside improves mood as well, and the body is flooded with immune boosting endorphins, as well as Vitamin D.

-What are you classifying as fuel? Let me put that in more simple terms...what are you eating/drinking? The human body was designed to thrive on foods that it can recognize and easily assimilate into fuel. Eating junk food, saturated fats, excess sugar, high fructose corn syrup, too much salt, processed foods, and drinking alcohol, soda, 'energy' drinks, and other toxic substances cause the body to have to work very hard just to classify and process them. This goes for artificial sweeteners, diet pills, and yes, even medications made from man-made substances. Much of this junk the body will store in the liver and cells because it does not know what to do to process it, and after a while the levels of those substances in the body becomes toxic, destroying the organs. Just skip them.

-What to eat? Organic fresh veggies, fruits, lean organic fish, eggs, and poultry. Potassium, Vitamin C & Magnesium rich foods such as dark chocolate, bananas, oranges, dried apricots, avocodos, and almost anything else that is grown from the earth and unadulterated. Too long of a list to post here. Pure water is the very best drink you can consume, and lots of it. Additionally, I like Blueberry black tea, coconut oil, olive oil, flax, a refrigerated probiotic (I like Crandophilus), plain organic yogurt with raw unfiltered honey, Kefir, nuts and seeds, and as supplements, I personally take D3, a women's multi, B complex, sublingual B12, Omega3's, collagen, magnesium liquid, and every few days, an elderberry chew. I drink a lot of tea, and I use stevia and raw honey to sweeten it. Herbal teas are great but if you like fruity black teas, that is fine, as black tea contains lots of healthy, immune boosting tanins. I'm a black tea officiando! I also have been drinking a lot of Green Matcha Tea lately, and eating organic grapes that are in season.

-Some other tips for your physical being that may cross over into the realms of the other immune system aspects I'll mention are these: 
-Keep a clean house, de-clutter, organize, you'll feel accomplished and relaxed once you're done.
-Practice turning off the TV and spending some time in quiet contemplation or even napping. Let go of the need to know everything. Put down the cell phone, get away from the radiation of appliances, and center yourself. Speak to your cells, let them know that perfect health is in your DNA. Tell them to get to work repairing and preparing!
-Some natural/holistic approaches that I swear by are Reiki, flower essences, pure organic essential oils, herbs like lemon balm/lavender/cinnamon/citrus/ginger but do your own exploring, herbs (again, explore), chiropractic, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, chakra assessment & balancing, cord cutting/energy field clearing & aligning, massage and sometimes a bit of fasting to rest and clear the digestive system. 

The bottom line for the physical body is tends to be the last to go down. By the time an illness has manifested in the cellular tissue, it has already followed a path from single germ, to generalized spread, to all-out war. By that time, the best one can do is extreme self-care with the above suggestions in hopes of shortening the duration of the illness. Preparedness can lower the risk of all-out war if the body is strong enough to fight back when that attack does come. Don't get caught at a physical disadvantage!

Mental Immunity

 The brain becomes fearful quite easily, overwhelmed and muddled at the mere mention of many challenges, topics, tasks. Let's see how we can boost your mental resilience to better fend off that overwhelm, which tends to result in a depletion of endorphins and good brain chemicals, while inducing excessive release of adrenaline and cortisol.

-Breathe!! Exercise, just get moving! Oxygen, even if one moves at a slow pace, helps the brain function properly, no question. Give your brain a fighting chance.
-Turn off the media (this will sound familiar from the last section). Lower the stimulus that is incoming. Be fully present in the NOW. Ask yourself, 'Am I OK right now, in this moment?' If you can say yes, your brain will trigger the release of dopamine and endorphins, which trickles down to the physical level, which in turn relaxes the whole body. Break the addiction to your device. It is toxic in so many ways, and those EMF's.....well, you know that cell phones and wireless contraptions have been linked to brain cancer, right?
-Set some boundaries as far as expectations from yourself and others. We have never been asked to be perfect, simply to do our best. You owe no one anything, certainly not your endless time and indulgence. Lock the door, turn off the phone and TV, go sit on your porch or lawn chair. Pet your dog or cat. Peace out :-) Really, boundaries are good, for all concerned.  It is all in the name of boosting your immune system. Remember that!
-Avoid conflict, confrontation, road rage, excessive expectations you may be placing on others or situations, self-bashing, judgments, impatience, temper tantrums, violence, hatred and any other negative energy that you are able to avoid. I shouldn't have to mention this at all, but it kills brain cells. As do self-abusive behaviors such as ingesting illegal drugs, alcohol and other toxic things. Stay away from chemicals. Period.
-Focus on future possibilities and simply let yesterday go. Yes, there is value in the wisdom gained from (perceived) failures, but that is all you need to take forward with you. Drop the heavy santa-sack of mistakes, guilt, negative self-talk, martyrdom, victimhood (do you realize how you sound to others when you ruminate on how disadvantaged you are?), and blame. Instead, celebrate what a huge repertoire of strengths and wisdom you have to draw on because of all that came before. You are not just alive, you are thriving!
-Don't panic. Save panic for a time when something dangerous is truly looking you in the eye. Keep it far on the back-burner, and treat it as if you are not well-acquainted with it at all. Panic is that gold that will save your skin when a lion crosses your path, so save it for those times. Don't worry yourself into a migraine. You can, you know!
-A few more things: Don't overwork. Know when to go home and recharge with a positive agenda. Don't do retail therapy. It will give you something to truly worry about. Debt. Don't have casual sex. Surprise disease and unplanned pregnancy will also give you something to worry about. Don't use pacifying behaviors. Instead, get a journal and write it down! When you feel scared, journal it! Get it outside your head, and get your brain clear and balanced with some rest, healthy food, and a nice walk.

Emotional Immunity

Emotions do tie in with the mind, but they are fully alive in the heart. Think of it this way. When you feel rage, your head hurts. When you feel sad, your heart hurts. Yes, every part of us is connected. This is why we must tend to our whole body immunity :-)
The emotions are a vast, vast expanse of extremes with an endless ability to tug and pull at the heart center. This is a fragile territory, and a slippery slope, so self-care here is vital. Fear originates in the heart and can affect the mind and the body, taking us down fast. Let's talk about the power of choice and how the choices you make with regards to your emotions can make or break just how good the rest of you feels.
-When you experience fear mongering, guilting, shaming, blaming, toxic energy emanating from others, ask yourself this... What can I choose in this moment? Cut out the noise, the hysterical storytelling and the panic, and again ask yourself, 'What can I choose that will best support my emotional immunity in this moment? What is healthy for me to allow into my field?' Step back, sit down, tune out the world, place your hand on your heart, and listen to it. Listen as if you are your own parent. Listen to each beat. Treat it right and it will supply your entire body with unconditional love.
Oftentimes we allow situations and people into our hearts with an open door policy, and that happens because we don't realize that we DO have a choice, and that making choices is good for self-confidence and morale. In the emotional immune system, one must be acutely attentive to almost every emotion that passes through us, because emotions have the ability to fill us with love, or bring us to a most empty place. There have been studies done of depressed people, people who have given up. It is quite often found that physical illness or disease goes hand in hand with depression, either enabled by it, caused by it, or as a result of it. Remember a bit ago when I mentioned a meta-systemic immune system. These studies are proof that we cannot neglect our emotions and hope that vitamin pills or a good movie will cancel out the emotional damage. 
It can be difficult to know how to bring your mood up once it has nosedived, so let me suggest one helpful thing. Gratitude for the blessings already present, which brings me to the next and final facet of your immunity....

Spiritual/Psychic Immunity

This section is meant for those who hold the belief that something greater created us. This is not the time nor the place to debate whether there is or isn't a Creator/Divine Universal Master, or for that matter whether or not you have/are a soul. If you have no belief in a higher power, then this section is not for you and you may close this webpage.

However, if you do believe in something, someone Divine...whatever that may be, you'll want to keep reading. Have you heard talk of energetic or spiritual shielding, clearing, cleansing, etc? Well, I tend to speak of the universe and our existence on the level of laws rather than superstition, and I will continue that trend here. 
You, me, everything, is energy. This energy vibrates at a rate specific to the being or object it is made of. So of course, the human energy field would be far different from that of an inanimate object, or a plant, or animal; but make no mistake, you are bathed in a field of kinetic, vibrating energy. Rub your hands together for a few minutes, feel the warmth. There is an intelligence, a consciousness behind it. In our DNA is the memory of what perfect health is for us, and it is different for everyone. When I think about this, I am capable of falling to my knees at the sheer brilliance, the blessing, the miracle of life....and I so want to protect it, fine tune it, and always feel it running through me.
Many people are lost, out of touch with their belief system, their creator, their path. The reason this is so troublesome is that when crisis strikes, they have no higher power to turn to, to help them make sense of things, to help them find the necessary strength and faith to endure. No life purpose.

So, how does one increase spiritual immunity, authentically, on an inner level, not simply externally to shore up the world around them and their physical reality?
Here are some tips: 
-Connect with others of like mind. Discuss your beliefs with others and how those beliefs might hopefully provide solace and strength within when things get tough. And additionally, how a higher power might help us avoid spiraling down and giving up during challenging times. It helps to know that we have a support system and that the human condition is not unique or personal to just one, but applies to all.
-Visit a church, synagogue, sacred spring or well, a historic site, or any other place you would associate with holiness. Close your eyes and notice what you feel. Closer to 'God' perhaps, charged up, connected, revitalized, hopeful....leave an offering or say a prayer or verse, and know that you are heard. It is said that prayers are answered even before you finish asking. Isn't that amazing?
-Do some energetic shielding. Practice visualizing a clear glass bubble coming up from Mother Earth and encompassing you. When you have that securely in place, draw into it from the top a beautiful, powerful golden & pink & white light. Fill the bubble with it, and know that you and only you get to decide who and what will enter your safe space. It works. 
-Know that no matter what happens to your physical body, your soul cannot ever be harmed, destroyed, done away with. Only one being can un-create you, thus, you are eternally safe no matter what external chaos may occur on the physical level. Take heart, find peace in that fact. God watches us probably more closely than we'd truly feel comfortable with if we knew. We may at times feel very alone, until we close our eyes, and suddenly we can feel our own heart beat in unity with the heartbeat of the Universe. Practice bringing yourself to the present moment and checking in. Ask yourself, 'Am I safe right now, in this moment?' Chances are, fear of the unknown is trying to take over and convince you that you are not. But your soul is greater than any outside force, especially suggestion.
-A few other ways to shore up your spiritual/psychic immunity would be: Clearing yourself and your space by burning sage or using a sage spray, using essential oils pertaining to your intention in a diffuser or in the environment, practice deep breathing and connect with your heart (which is directly connected to the Divine), ask for guidance from an Archangel whose intention aligns with your need, practice yoga and/or meditation, use crystals to enhance and increase your energetic vibration, have a Reiki session to encourage your DNA to remember perfect health and your origins & place in this Universe, journal to God or your Divine Guide(s), spend time in nature, where all things are directly connected to the Divine. Find a spiritual mentor or teacher to help guide you towards the faith and answers you are seeking, so you don't have to take that journey alone. And, connect with the land, the water, the sun, the wind. Know that you are one with ALL life.

So you see, immunity is not simply physical, because WE are not simply physical. A very famous man once said, 'We have nothing to fear but fear itself'. That is true, at the level of the soul by Divine design. If you are familiar with my work, this is the kind of note you might expect that I would end on. It is all about faith, based on an intricately designed universal plan and laws. Take comfort in knowing that everything is happening right on time, even the Coronavirus, COVID-19. If we see this as a classroom, we can reap the wisdom from it. If we see it as armagedon, it will yield nothing but panic and chaos, perhaps un-necessary death. If you tend to your whole body immunity, you will fare far better than if you don't. The choice is yours. My hope is that this installment of my blog has somehow helped you feel more empowered and less frightened.
If you'd like to work with me on improving your immunity on a more personal level, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Email me at 

I wish you abundant health!


Rev. Paula

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