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Contemplating The Belief In Eternal Life

A dear friend and his spiritual community recently lost their beloved teacher, a woman whose life spanned decades and who was well known for her work with Chakra Healing & Reiki. By all accounts, she was young, but from what I understand, she put up quite a brave fight against the disease that eventually took her physical body, releasing her from this dimension. My friend mentioned that he had been doing some thinking about his own mortality, which in turn led me to reflect a bit deeper on my own fears surrounding my transition from this life. After all, I'm no spring chicken myself! I consistently have my brain buried almost entirely in spiritual materials/lectures/projects of one kind or another, and yet....I still don't feel entirely comfortable with my level of knowledge, so I go deeper. To the darkest depths, and beyond. Its as if, looking deeper and deeper with every passing day, I will at some point locate that holy grail.

I have known this friend for about 6 years; we met one afternoon at the bookshop where I used to offer Reiki & psychic readings; he simply wanted a book on Wicca. I had a sense that this incredibly logical, scientifically-minded man was seeking 'meaning', or the spirit behind the science. I recall when he began to discuss his new teacher; he had signed up for a Chakra healing class, and Reiki lessons would soon follow. This teacher, in my friend's eyes, was a most amazing, gentle, knowledgeable woman. I knew she had to be, because over the next few years I observed my friend's continued spiritual progress & evolution, which led to some deeply cosmic discussions between us about the afterlife, the ability of the mind to heal the body, and more. 

So, fast forward to last friend's beloved teacher was gone. I personally have never experienced this kind of loss, the loss of a teacher/mentor. I have taken intensives with a few well-known teachers, but I consider myself to be the teacher for the most part (eternally learning, though) rather than the student. I have several decades of training, as well as lifelong psychic, healing and mediumship abilities. But I do realize that I will probably feel as though my right arm has been taken when one of my most influential teachers, Caroline Myss, leaves this realm. Let's just say, I would prefer to leave the planet first, so that the day(in my life) never comes when she stops teaching and writing new books.

Upon reflecting on my friend's deep loss I stood at the kitchen sink washing dishes in the sunlight this morning and I had a moment that I can only describe as a combination of stream-of-consciousness and pure blissful gratitude for the blessing of my life, and life in all dimensions. I could feel the tears streaming down my cheeks as my hands moved through the warm soapy water. I watched the clouds move and change slowly. And I realized that everything in our Universe is woven into a matrix, a kind of living quilt that is stationary but ever-evolving. My friend's teacher simply moved to another location in this matrix, but her heart energy will be eternally tied to that of her students. The impact we have on others, especially if we are spiritual teachers, is profound. As teachers, mentors and healers, we hold the fragile life force of other living beings in this matrix in the palms of our hands. Not a thought to be taken lightly, for certain.

The words that follow are what I spoke to the Divine this morning at the window in a most extraordinary moment, doing a most ordinary task.....

"I am so very grateful for my life, for the awareness that I am alive, and I never want to be anything but alive with life force energy, in your Universe, and part of all consciousness yet with a consciousness of my own, in which I am able to reflect on my breathing, my thoughts, my joy, my sorrow, but to always go on, with You as my eternal companion and guide on this journey. Thank you for creating me and offering me this opportunity to BE, and the opportunity to be aware of my BE-ing, and for such reverence for you and this perfect Universe that I ask that you allow me to live on eternally, in whatever form we decide I will take as I move through your dimensions."

Yes, a mouthful, and I censored nothing no matter how strange it might have sounded. And then I asked the Divine to bless every single living being with eternal opportunity to live beyond their wildest imaginations! And I thanked those on the other side for coming in at that moment to give me a glimpse of what they are currently experiencing, by downloading it through me. We are, each of us, microcosms within macrocosms which may, in turn, be microcosms in comparison with the macrocosm of all that IS..

Please comment if you feel inspired to do so. I'd love to discuss this topic with you and I'm grateful for the time you've spent reading this post.

Namaste' ~ Spiritual Coach Paula

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