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Spirit Contact With Loved Ones Across the Veil

1. Your phone rings, but no one is on the other end, but there is static. Do your lights flicker when you just happen to be thinking about or talking about them? Could be contact!
2. If you dream of them, do they touch you, hug you, somehow make contact in the dream? Do they talk to you, share feelings with you, whisper in your ear in the dream? This type of dream is what is known as a contact dream. A visitation rather than dreaming about them because they are missed. Very reassuring!
3. Butterflies, dragonflies circling your head and trying to land on you, especially out of season! After my chihuahua passed away in February of 2017, I was crushed. About a month later, prior to Spring when butterflies are common, one came towards me, landed on my arm, flew around my head, and perched in a bush nearby. It was HUGE, yellow & black, and it stayed to let me take a photo of it. Then, it flew away between the houses. I had been simply inconsolable since she passed, and with this, I KNEW it was Bayleigh, coming to comfort me.
4. Strange happenings, or Deja Vu experiences. Hearing their name often, smelling their perfume or cologne, sensing them near when you're alone, things falling off walls or shelves that were not previously loose or near an edge....or a picture showing up in a book or in an odd place where you don't remember putting it. All of these odd happenings take place just as our loved one has planned, in an attempt to let us know they are still around and love us dearly.
5. Angelic Visitors--Seeing a shadow, a flash of light, feeling a breeze in a room that is still, hearing their voice calling or coughing or sighing....or, if you awaken in the night to see a light in the room that quickly fades as you rub your eyes in disbelief..these are angelic life-forms lending themselves to contact so that you are able to pick up the visit with your human senses. I believe that these angel forms lend their light in order to help the loved one bridge the veil and bring us the deep comfort we need in our time of grief.
Would you like to find out if your loved one is trying to connect with you? Would you like to contact them across the veil, and would you be comforted knowing they are always near? Deep healing is often a result of being able to make this kind of connection.
I am a Healer & Spirit Medium,experiencing connections with the other side since the age of five. It took me many years to become truly comfortable with with this skill, but now that I am, I offer you the gift of messages from the other side.
Please contact me here for more information on how to reserve your appointment with me. You'll be comforted and reassured as we reach out to those you miss so much!
Angel Blessings,
*Photo is me with my beloved Bayleigh, the best doggy I could have ever asked for....I had several unmistakable visits from her after her passing in 2016.

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