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Angels Among Us

When we think of angels, we will typically envision otherworldly beings with wings...and don't get me wrong, those do exist, as I have had my own contact with Archangel Metatron....but, the angels I speak of are walking this earth and quietly existing among us.
I have a client whose on/off partner committed vehicular manslaughter. The client has loved this man unconditionally, no matter where he wanders, no matter how deep his inability to find peace with himself and meaning in his life (he was convicted and did time for the event, and is desperately remorseful). He cannot undo what he did, and feels he is not worthy of a life, wishing he had been put to death rather than released as his sentence was completed. But, he was released back to the free world again. The man had been drinking and driving, which caused the event, and he had never committed another crime, barely a traffic ticket.
So she asked me, "What can I do to ease his sorrow, self-hatred, and bring him to a place of acceptance that God wants him to remain in life for some reason?" I was quiet for a moment. And I replied, "You are doing it, you are his angel".  As I said it, it struck me that those were not really my words, and I really didn't know where they came from as they left my lips. I just knew them to be true. I suggested that she take him to a spiritual building to speak with a minister, and then I gave her a book recommendation. I also suggested that he may still be on this earth so that he can speak to groups of young people in order that he may prevent them from drinking and driving. That was my duty to her so that she could attempt to help him. I see a pattern. We are exactly where we need to be at any given time. Life is not a loose cannon running out of control with no purpose; life is a well-orchestrated journey with angels who help redirect and clarify our path.
Earth is a hard, often unbearable place. I often refer to it as boot camp for higher dimension work, and perhaps we are each in training to have our own universe at some point, or to take over this one when it is our turn. I am an unconventional thinker, but I do have to live here too, in this life I designed before coming down the birth canal, and I know why certain angels have stepped into my path. I could not have survived without them. Sometimes the spiritual resources are slim, but life is circular and eventually it comes back around; we can all be angels if we do choose to extend our hands, our hearts.
What we Earth inhabitants have had ample time to realize and put into practice is that we MUST find our connection with the miracle of life, and respect ourselves, the Divine, and each other. Honestly, we should have come farther by this point, we are so advanced in some ways, so primitive in others. This is a difficult lesson to absorb for some, but not all. We each have angels who walk in at just the right time, when we are in need and wondering why we are here at all. Look around, they are right there and they are sent at the moment we feel ourselves slipping under. They may hold us up, nudge us forward, embrace us, listen to us, channel light to us, and so much more. Miracles are everywhere, but sometimes they are so every-day that we fail to see the symbolism and may miss the gift. attention when someone unexpectedly draws near or offers a simple kindness. As is often said, 'Be kind to everyone, that stranger you encounter may be an angel in disguise'.
As Venus goes direct today, may your relationships level out and become softer...
Reverend Paula ∞

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  • Dearest Paula…you and your sister were my Angels when I needed them the most.
    Beautifully written; I see Angels often…they walk among us…but I miss them when I don’t pay attention.

    Aunt Nancy

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