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All Hallows Eve & Conditioned Fears



We are a little more than a week away from Halloween, which is also the evening when the ancestors are most accessible at the veil between the worlds. Some are excited by this time of year, some are fearful; but I assure you, there is nothing to fear. Through years of power-hungry patriarchal domination, our society has been brainwashed into believing many an untruth about our origins and our natural abilities as souls residing in very temporary physical bodies. But the soul is eternal and goes on, and when a loved one's physical form can no longer sustain, the soul returns to the energy of the cosmos to begin planning for its next journey. It can be difficult to grasp this, no question. Because with our limited eyes and limited progress as humans, we can no longer 'see' that loved one. Their energy remains around their loved ones here on Earth, and they give us signs in so many ways. Because we've already got the script for what we are supposed to believe about death, written out by those who taught us much of what we live by today, we are not so open to the idea that the loved ones are still around us. What if we were all blind, I wonder to myself. Would we understand the physical loss, or would it simply seem like a changing of form to us? So much to ponder about this mystery of life/death.
At some point in my teen years, I began to feel a heightened energy and excitement around this time of year. The wind would speak to me, the full moon would pull me in like a magnet, and my night-owl tendencies intensified. I could feel the energies of the spirits around me and I found myself exceedingly curious about what 'else' existed beyond what our limited human eyes could see...
What if (conditioned--and much of it fabricated) fear did not stop you from asking yourself the same question? What if you put aside your everyday preoccupations for a bit and took a walk to my house, after dark, on Halloween?
Close your eyes....
You find yourself walking through a small town, many of the shops closed for the night. This small New England town dates back to the early 1700's, the buildings made of stone and brick, with modern touches added here and there. The air is crisp and smells a bit of cinnamon and smoke from a nearby fireplace or two, and as you round the next corner the streets become lined with big old victorian homes flanked by the biggest trees you've ever seen. As you look up, the moon peeks through; it is full and beautiful, wispy clouds moving quickly by. An owl hoots in the distance, and as you walk past jack-o-lanterns and gas lamps draped with fall decor, you notice a house across the street with a small sign hanging on the door...
"Come Connect With Your Ancestors & Guides"
It is a large house with a huge wrap around porch, lighted pumpkins lining the stairs to the front door. You are intrigued, and you ring the bell. I greet you, "Welcome....please come in"
I love this time of year and all its mystery, and I am glad you have come for a visit. I show you to a room down the hallway just off the living room, which is filled with candles and beautiful crystal and a small table in the corner, near two tall bookshelves. As you gaze around the room, you notice two steps leading leading to french doors, and through them are several trees lit by twinkling white lights. Beyond the trees sits a small building, and the crooked wooden sign in front reads 'Apothecary'. That is my herb room, where I craft special formulas for the purpose of healing & intention.
Your attention returns to the table at which we are seated, and the herbal tea I have poured for you. You also notice the cards I've spread out before you. I smile reassuringly, "Your ancestors are you wish to ask them anything, or simply receive whatever guidance comes?"
Silently, I invite them to come sit with us so that you can connect...

What would you ask? What would you like to receive guidance about? You are at the veil, almost stepping into another world at this time. They are listening.... 


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