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High Vibration Life Transforming Coaching with Paula

High Vibration Life Transforming Coaching with Paula

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This offering includes various options, so that you may choose one that fits your needs and schedule. We will arrange times by your availability, one week or so apart.
I specialize in awakening you to the gift you're meant to be! I also coach those with relationship issues, and wellness concerns. You WILL feel better, I promise you this.

Are you stuck? Unmotivated, without direction, lacking in spiritual connection? Have you had traditional therapy and worked through your past patterns and issues, but still don't know how to begin today to formulate a new life story for yourself? Do you need help in setting and achieving your goals, whether they be personal, professional or relationship-oriented?

You matter. You are a vital part of the Divine Matrix. You drew up your blueprint for your journey to Earth, your soul contracting to inhabit a human body and interact with other souls, in order to assist in the evolution of the Source Energy, the Pure Love energy that you will return to someday. Your existence, your soul purpose, has deep, powerful, incredible meaning. may not think so if you are currently stuck and thinking 'small'.

I do more than just coach you or help you to reach goals. I show you how to awaken what is unique and special within you. I teach you how to develop and use this gift to take move your life forward for the purpose of experiencing a more purposeful and fulfilling life, as well as showing you how to offer your newfound joy and peace to the planet and its human inhabitants generously, without drain. Yes, it can be that easy.

Somewhere along life's way, I came to the realization that there is a huge difference between having skills and abilities, and knowing how, and when, to use them. The missing link is that place deep inside of all of us where the magick was banished to solitary confinement, told it was not enough, told it wasn't 'reality'. Let's talk more about your authentic self, as we peel back your masks to reveal the pure, unbridled essence of your soul.
Please contact me here with any inquiries about my coaching offerings. I'd love to hear from you. 

I am a certified Life, Wellness & Relationship Coach, since 2006