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Usui Reiki Mastership Attunements I, II, & Master Level III, w/Book & Official Certificate
Usui Reiki Mastership Attunements I, II, & Master Level III, w/Book & Official Certificate
Usui Reiki Mastership Attunements I, II, & Master Level III, w/Book & Official Certificate

Usui Reiki Mastership Attunements I, II, & Master Level III, w/Book & Official Certificate

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Traditional Usui (the original Reiki)

What is Reiki?
Reiki is often referred to as the 'intelligent energy', because unlike most other forms of energy healing, it will go where it is needed and does not need to be 'directed'. Also, it is channeled through the practitioner, not from them, hence, it heals both the healer and the client while it is being channeled.
Reiki, which literally means 'Universal Life Force Energy' in Japanese, is all around us already, and what the attunements do is open you to or connect you with a highly purified and refined form of this energy, which was originally channeled by Dr. Mikao Usui on Mt. Kurama during a spiritual quest to learn about healing from the 'Source', many years ago. The symbols that Dr. Usui received, or channeled, during his quest, will be the symbols you receive (and are also included in the book), and you are therefore taking on a responsibility not to be entered into lightly.

Why learn Reiki?

Have you ever been ill and wished you could do more to heal quicker or just to be more comfortable as you were recuperating? Have you found yourself wanting to just 'hold or lay your hands on' a sick friend or animal and bring them back to health? Are you naturally intuitive, often sensing that you could be of more help to someone or to a situation, but felt halted because you weren't sure exactly how? Are you already working in the healing field (nurse, doctor, etc) and looking to bring into your work the added facet of energy healing? There are many very good reasons to become a Reiki Master, with 'healing without harm' as the ultimate focus or goal, hopefully. Reiki, as I mentioned earlier, is an intelligent energy. It knows where to go, what parts of the body or the situation need healing, and it works with the body, always at a gentle pace, never bringing in more change than that person or animal can handle.

The Ethics of Being A Reiki Healer

Recently, Reiki has been exploited by some unscrupulous individuals. You, as a responsible Reiki Master, do not want to contribute to this. My personal opinion of Reiki is that it is sacred and it asks that you begin to live from a higher place spiritually. Reiki, in my humble opinion, is not a technique one learns in order to re-sell package deals of attunements or to get rich quick. I should not need to mention this, but I do so with the hope of weeding out those folks who do not take this process seriously. Likewise, I strongly feel that when one is attuned to Reiki, time is needed for the new healer to:
First, allow the process time to transform them (this often brings about a brief 'cleanse' which rids the person of impurities at all levels, and it is harmless, although mildly annoying, if you will).
Secondly, the new healer is urged to study the manual, use the techniques on a daily basis, on one's self and on friends, family and pets, to learn how to work with the energy and how it feels to use, or channel, it.
Third, it can take months or sometimes years for the healer to become comfortable with the responsibility of being an energetic healer, and also with assisting others on their healing paths, no matter what the new healer has been doing all their lives. So, take your time, work with the energy, get to know what you're doing before you attempt to present it to the world.

I have been a Reiki Master for 21 years, as well as having certifications in Spiritual Counseling, Motivational/Wellness Coaching, Chakra/Crystal & Color Therapy, I am also an author & artist of several well-known oracle creations. Passing on Reiki attunements is a responsibility I take very seriously, because each and every student whom I teach will go forth with a little piece of my energy vibrations (think of the pebble dropped into the still waters of a pond)----I have had to make certain that I am a very clear channel for Reiki before I'd bestow it upon another person. That takes time and practice.

About This Course:

I am offering this package as a combination of Reiki 1, Reiki 2 & Reiki Mastership(Level 3). My own Reiki Teachers called it the Complete Master Attunement, and this works because your body, and the Reiki itself, will decide for itself how quickly the energy will integrate with your system. Also, Dr. Usui himself only ever gave one singular attunement to his students, so I prefer this method as my Reiki Teacher did! Plus, it not only saves the student from the financial hardship of paying for 3 separate classes, but it is a very acceptable way to insure that the student has the consistency of having the same teacher for all three levels. This is important because each teacher has their own method of teaching, and if a student takes level 2 from a different teacher than they took level 1, confusion can result if the methods vary. You will receive all of the attunements at one time, and the session takes about 45 minutes to complete. I respect the methods of all other teachers, but I have personally only ever used and prefer the all-at-once method. You may decide for yourself, if and when you eventually attune others, how you will handle the process. At Level 1 Usui Reiki you will be able to use the energy to heal yourself and others in person, which can include people, animals, plants, places, situations, even the past and the future.

At Level 2, you will be able to offer healing as in Level 1, but now over distance.

At Mastership Level, you will be able to attune & teach others, understanding the responsibility you have taken on to be part of the solution in this world, rather than part of the problem. You will have worked with the Reiki energy extensively and understand its place in your life, and will intuitively know how to best use it as a well-respected member of the Reiki community. Tina Zion's manual is my choice for this course because of her extensive knowledge of and experience with Reiki. Your Mastership will be greatly enhanced by the benefit of these materials. This manual is simply the best information I have found anywhere on the subject of Reiki.

The Details:

Once you have purchased and remitted payment, you and I will arrange a time that is mutually convenient, during which I will pass the Reiki 1, 2 & Mastership Attunements to you by distance. Distance attunements work because we are not bound by our physical bodies, and also because I am working outside of the normal space/time continuum. Energy is not bound by time. The mind is more powerful than we know, and it can go anywhere and accomplish anything we believe it can. You need not be in the same room, or even the same country, as I am, physically, for me to attune you. I am proficient at astral travel, and I will astral-ly come to you to attune you, without the need of my limited physical body to hamper things. I do offer in-person attunements, although I feel that distance attunements are equally powerful and legitimate.

During your attunement session, I ask that you make yourself comfortable, wear loose clothing, and prepare your environment in any other way which will add to a feeling of relaxation and open-ness. This can include candles (white and lavender work well for receiving Reiki), soothing incense, comfy pillows, soft music, and of course, an environment where you will not be disturbed for at least an hour. During your attunements, you may experience almost anything, but some examples would be: warmth, seeing different colors or rainbows, crying, sweating, feeling weightless, tingling, laughter, having first meetings with your angel or spirit guides, and so forth. Just be open to what you experience, if anything, and know that this is the Reiki aligning with your body, and it is completely safe. Also, hours, days & weeks after your attunements, you may experience a brief period of what is known as cleansing or detoxification. It may manifest as a headache, stomach ache, a general feeling of unwell, etc-------but, and I STRESS this, this is mild and harmless, and will NEVER be more than your body can handle. It happens in preparation for the change that will take place as the Reiki begins to become part of who you are, body, mind & spirit. We must release the old to make room for the new! Also, you may find that your hands become warm when you or someone near you is in need of Reiki---this is the intelligent energy at its best! Letting you know that another is in need of Reiki! Once you become a Reiki Master, you may experience profound changes in your life/life path. Animals may gravitate to you, where-as before, they did not. Your nails may grow faster, your body may ask for a completely different diet (more healthy or organic), you may want to change careers quite suddenly-------and more---all in preparation for aligning with a higher purpose, as a healer, in this world. Enjoy and embrace this!

What will you receive?

You will receive an instruction book, one of my very favorites by Tina Zion, and a beautiful Reiki Mastership certificate bearing my official seal and signature, suitable for framing. I ask that you read the material from cover to cover, taking as much time as you need to absorb the material.

You will also have access to ongoing email support, should you have questions or problems you wish to discuss. Please be respectful of the fact that I have other clients and a personal & work life to attend to, and I will be happy to assist you in a reasonable fashion if you need support :-)

My lineage is available here on my Bio page. I encourage you to explore this site to get a feel for who I am and what paths I have chosen as my life's work. I never undertake any endeavor lightly, and that includes mentoring others. Energy medicine is, in my mind, the original medicine. It is all we had before we had pills, surgery and chemo (just to name a few). However, Energy/Vibrational Medicine, & Reiki in particular, are not meant to be a replacement for traditional medicine, but can be a beautiful compliment to your healing process. It can enhance and speed healing, calm, soothe, center, align, and so much more. Do not use it as a substitute, but as a compliment, to your current path. Reiki is not a religion, it is an energy healing technique. If you do not understand the difference, please clarify this for yourself before you proceed. People from all walks of life are Reiki, and we do not insist that a person be religious, or even spiritual, in order to become a Reiki healer. However, you may find yourself drawn to pursue your spiritual path more deeply once you are attuned. This is your choice. Spirit/God/Divine will guide each of us toward our own correct path when it comes to religion.

Note for those interested in "Animal Reiki":

Many customers have written to ask whether they 'need' additional or special attunements in order to Reiki-treat their pets or other animals. The factual answer is, "NO". Usui Reiki will enable you to use the pure Reiki energy, as Dr. Usui intended, on animals, people, plants, food, situations-past & present...everything! There is a misconception out there that one needs more attunements or special attunements of some kind in order to work on animals. This idea is completely false. Additionally, folks are 'inventing' new types of Reiki at breakneck speed, and it has been my experience that authentically channeled information is actually quite RARE, and that many people are, at this point in time, jumping on the Reiki bandwagon thinking it will get them rich quick. Sadly, this is muddying the waters of a beautiful healing technique. Please do some research, ask questions, and don't fall for a scam(if it seems too good to be true, you know the rest....). If you need assistance with this, I am here for you. You may phone my office if you have an urgent matter. My aim is to empower you on your healing journey; plain and simple.
On the flip side of that coin, I do embrace & encourage the idea of taking animal communications courses or any other metaphysical or counseling course which will allow you to expand your mind and feel more comfortable as you progress on your path. Kathleen Prasad is an ideal woman to contact if you're interested in Animal Reiki classes.
Please, send me an email if you have any questions about this item , I look forward to working with you on your Reiki path!