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Reiki Healing Box of 4 Votive Candles w/Strawberry Quartz Chips

Reiki Healing Box of 4 Votive Candles w/Strawberry Quartz Chips

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R e i k i   H e a l i n g   V o t i v e s

Box of 4

Soul Soothing Release & Forgiveness

w/Strawberry Quartz Gemstone Chips

Reiki is a beautiful, ancient Japanese healing technique developed by Dr. Mikao Usui after he received the symbols during a journey to Mt. Kurama in which he fasted in order to reach enlightenment. His techniques have become increasingly widespread in our modern times, which I strongly suspect is in direct response to the rising need for medicine 'other than' or in addition to, Western drugs and surgeries. I have practiced and taught Reiki since 1999, and was one of the first in the US to offer the technique as both treatment and lessons.
Reiki changed my life on a personal level, which is how I came to experience it. After I found that this energy had changed my own body for the better, relieving arthritis pain that I thought would only continue to accelerate, I was amazed.

Today, I channel Reiki into all of my work--body, mind and spirit. These candles have been crafted and blessed with Reiki energy to enhance your healing journey and to assist you in achieving the level of ambiance or atmosphere that you are seeking in your Reiki healings or during your Reiki classes. My wish is that my candles help you connect deeply with the Reiki energy, for whatever purpose you desire.

Each votive contains a small Strawberry Quartz chip. Strawberry Quartz is the definitive stone for healing the heart center, helping to process and release trauma, abuse, painful memories, self-loathing, lack of confidence........and to bring about a deeply loving, accepting state that will align with the beautiful life force that will contribute to your highest potential in this Universe.