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Expert Crystal Consultation ~ Via Phone 1 Hour

Expert Crystal Consultation ~ Via Phone 1 Hour

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I have been researching crystals & stones for the purpose of healing since 1988. Crystals were the first modality I employed to align with the healing energies of the Universe, and I'd love to help you choose the most correct crystal(s) for your need at this time on your path. I combine my knowledge of & experience with the stones and their properties with intuitive guidance from my spiritual guides, bringing all of the personalized information together especially for you. Sometimes I will have the crystals you need on hand, too. I carry many healing crystals that are not listed in my store, and some that are!

You may ask me what crystals work well for any situation you can possibly imagine, and it is ok if your need involves another person or even a pet! For a pet, a gem elixir can be made from the stone's energy. Ask me how to make one!

I look forward to helping you along your healing path, and ultimately, your evolution in consciousness. 



Blast from the Past:

Below are photos of my very first prized quartz crystal; I found it buried end-up in our yard in Poughkeepsie, NY in 1967. My father extracted it from the dirt for me and it has traveled with me throughout many years of twists and turns in my life. As a child I was entranced by 'pretty rocks'.....the tip of the iceberg of what was to come!!