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Aquamarine & Morganite Stretch Bracelet  Liquid Crystal Coated

Aquamarine & Morganite Stretch Bracelet Liquid Crystal Coated

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I only have one of these!

These thick chip bracelets are made of blue beryl and pink beryl....

Blue beryl is better known as Aquamarine.

Pink beryl is better known as Morganite (and rare/pricey when found naturally, not lab created).

These stones are all natural, and the bracelets have been coated with liquid crystal to amplify their energy.

They are stretchy and will typically fit an average size wrist. They are about 7" in length, but will stretch to about 8" to fit over the hand.

Blue beryl/Aquamarine is said to soothe the throat chakra and induce relaxation and calm stress. Often worn by those who live/work on or near the water, for protection.

Pink beryl/Morganite was named for JP Morgan, and is my personal favorite for healing heartbreak and heart trauma, as well as facilitating deep, honorable, loyal love between people. 

I cannot get more of these, at least at this time. If you're drawn to these stones, act now!