Pet Companion Soulmate Combo - Vigil Candle & Guidance Session
Pet Companion Soulmate Combo - Vigil Candle & Guidance Session

Pet Companion Soulmate Combo - Vigil Candle & Guidance Session

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A Patented Offering by Paula!

Are you seeking a Soulmate Animal Companion?

Well, they are seeking you, too...​

Attract & Win The Heart of Your Perfect SoulPet!

I have a brand new offering that will assist you in your search for your perfect 'SoulPet'. Via phone, or in person if you live near and can get to my office--- This offering features a package of one 60 minute coaching session via phone or in person, in which we will discuss how to properly search for, inquire about, connect with energetically, and transition into that perfect new pet companion life journey. Additionally, this offering will include a beautiful, Reiki-blessed 'Animal Companion Soulmate' jar candle with a little bead bracelet for you to wear for good luck and hope as you light your candle and meditate on attracting that loving SoulPet you know you already love.

During the coaching sessions, we will discuss how to avoid the dark underworld of 'puppy mill' pets and backyard breeders, how to know when an animal is right for you so you don't attempt to force a wrong situation out of desperation, and also, how to fully embrace the animal's true nature and allow everything to gently unfold as it is meant to. You don't have to go into the search blindly, I will help you!
If you find you need further assistance after the initial hour, additional coaching/counseling is available.

Herbs and oils have been gently added to this offering to align with the task at hand.

Would make a nice gift for that special friend or family member who is ready to bring a new pet into their lives, perhaps after a period of mourning a prior soul-pet or simply to attract a pet to add some joyful fun to their lives!

I bless your endeavor with Reiki love!

*Please burn your candle in a responsible, adult manner. I will not be responsible for any misuse that occurs after this item leaves my possession. I conduct myself as an adult and expect you to do the same. Namaste'