All Hallows Eve EcoSoy Candle 3x4" & Essential Magick Harvest Intention Oil Set
All Hallows Eve EcoSoy Candle 3x4" & Essential Magick Harvest Intention Oil Set

All Hallows Eve EcoSoy Candle 3x4" & Essential Magick Harvest Intention Oil Set

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Product Details For Candle

Candle Size is 3 x 4"

All Hallows Eve, also known as Ancestor Night, Samhain and Halloween, is a very sacred time for folks of many spiritual paths. It is a night to connect with loved ones who have crossed the veil, as well as to do some divining for the upcoming new year. 
This is an ominous time; the time of connecting with those on the other side. Burn this candle as you meditate, astral journey or divine with the intent of meeting up with them(pets included), to inquire about topics unknown, the most curious of questions often asked by humans. What IS after this life?
This exclusive candle has a cinnamon/orange/pear scent, with cinnamon bits, a single clove, and a bit of golden glitter dusting the surface. Many of my customers will burn this candle a few days prior to October 31st to a few days after. Soy(I use only Eco Soy) is a softer wax so it burns cleaner, but it does burn faster than paraffin, so you may want to conserve this lovely offering for nearer to Ancestor night than my other 7 day vigil candle.

Product Details for Essential Magick 'Harvest' Intention Oil 

This exclusive blend is crafted from only the finest pure organic, non-GMO, vegan essential oils from a trusted source, formulated precisely for the intention, added to pure organic sweet almond oil, with touches of organic herbs/flowers/fruit peels along with a corresponding gemstone chip for an energetically-aligned boost. The bottle with cork is sealed with wax, and a ribboned charm is tied securely to the finished product. I don't destroy the ambiance by adding a label, but I will if you request one. 

Citrus/Orange/Allspice/Nutmeg blend

Please note: This product is NOT meant to be taken internally, and unfortunately I must place a disclaimer here. What you do with this product is your responsibility. The blend contains a high amount of sweet almond oil, so it should be safe for applying to skin, but some are allergic to essential oils, no matter how small the amount. The blend may be used for annointing candles, magickal tools, in ritual work, and yes, even on the skin. But it is not meant to be a massage oil nor used on large areas of the body as such. Always test first in a small area to determine tolerance.

Enjoy! Limited availability!