Engraved Archangel Guidance Stones Set of 6 Mixed Gem ~ Author Exclusive
Engraved Archangel Guidance Stones Set of 6 Mixed Gem ~ Author Exclusive
Engraved Archangel Guidance Stones Set of 6 Mixed Gem ~ Author Exclusive

Engraved Archangel Guidance Stones Set of 6 Mixed Gem ~ Author Exclusive

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Multi-Gemstone Archangel Guidance Stones©
w/ Storage Pouch & Description Card

This set of 6 flat engraved Archangel Guidance symbol stones would make a beautiful addition to your spiritual devotion & meditation. Made of stunning, genuine gemstones, this symbolic set will assist you in your healing & prayer efforts, and can also be used during meditation. The set comes with a pretty pouch and informative description card. The Archangel Guidance Stones were inspired by the mysterious, Sacred Geometric Square of Saturn, as well as a few knowledgeable friends and spiritual sources(thank you Michael Seiger and Roy Taylor for your wise counsel!). The spirals on each end of the symbols are a necessary component as well, lending themselves to the eternal spiral, the transforming dance that is all life. The Archangels are everywhere, yet nowhere in particular, and they are for everyone, not just those following a specific spiritual path. The most important thing to always remember is, they ARE, and we can call upon them at any time, for forgiveness, resolution, guidance, inspiration, love, protection, and more. I created this set with the awareness that people often need a catalyst or conduit, in order to connect. I hope that these stones will be that, for you and much more. The information card will help you identify each Archangel stone, as well as help you learn and embrace the qualities of each stone. Use them in meditation, healing endeavors, carry one as a daily companion--depending on the energy or influence you happen to need on any given day, etc. My fondest wish is for you to connect with the realm of the Archangels, and to feel comfortable working with them to help make your life, and your world a better, more joyful place. If you have questions about the set, please ask. These stones are about the size of a half dollar coin(remember them?), with an average measurement of 1.5" in diameter, and are flat, so they won't roll around when placed on the body or on a surface where they need to be stationary.

The Archangels represented are:

Chamuel-Rose Quartz
Metatron-White Jade
Uriel-Red Jasper
Michael-Blue Quartz
Raphael-Green Aventurine

This set can assist you in connecting with Angelic beings and working with them to improve your life, health and more.
Simply put your heart into your efforts and watch your results blossom!

These stones are precision engraved and hand painted with gold fill. You won't find them anywhere else, they are trademark/copyright protected. I will bless them just for you if you wish, simply ask.