Spiritual Authenticity RE: Teachers & Consultants

I'm seeing a disturbing trend....
Ugh, do I need to bring this up? Well, yes. Here is why. Energy healing, spiritual mentoring/coaching and consulting (psychic readings) are often viewed by the general population with skepticism. We already face challenges when it comes to offering a potential client enough proof that we are qualified to help them on their spiritual journey....because our vocation is not the kind that one can gain a bachelors, masters or doctorate in. I know of only one school that offers spiritual psychology as a legitimate major with a degree program. I'm hoping this will change as human consciousness continues to advance.
So what's the problem? I have worked tirelessly, continuously, diligently, to hone my skills and experience. I am proud of my nearly 30 years of study, with the latter 20 of those years spent gaining hands-on experience and teaching. I've studied Archetypes, Soul Contracts, Medical Intuition, Reiki for Humans and Animals, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Chromotherapy, Spiritual Coaching, and Advanced Psychic Consulting, with extremely well-respected experts, mentors & authors, and I certified in all of those studies. Hard work, extensive research, verifiable experience.
There are folks out there claiming years of study and experience that they in fact DO NOT HAVE....and they are duping people with lies. And how would a client know how to spot a fraud? There is no state licensing board for Reiki, Life Coaching, or any of the metaphysical arts. Its all based on the old adage 'in good faith'.
One would think that anyone claiming to be a spiritual teacher would not have the nerve to lie or cheat, but as is true in life pretty much across the board, there are self-serving tricksters who prey on the weak---those in need of help or comfort. 
Dear friends, please ask up front for proof of experience, study, certifications, etc, before you hire someone who will have a deeply profound effect on your spiritual journey. A legitimate metaphysical teacher will be more than happy to show you all of the materials they have, no holds barred.
This is a topic that I am passionate about because I would like to see all experienced, studied, certified metaphysical teachers be respected, and also, for the client to know what to look for in a spiritual guide.